Food Vendor Application

Business Name:_______________________________________________________________________
Contact Person:_______________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________
MD Sales Tax ID# (required): __________________________

Space Requirements: $60 per 12' x12' space
Makes sure that you are requesting an adequate amount of space for the size of your booth set up. Booth spaces are available in lots of 12'x12'. Rental fee covers the entire weekend of the festival. If purchasing two or more spaces, specify how many feet wide and how many feet deep your entire area will need to be. Please describe the booth set up, including size and color and provide a photograph if possible.

Electrical Requirements: $35 per line requested
In addition to the space rental fee, an additional cost of $35 per electric line will be applicable. Please be certain you are requesting the appropriate amount of power to suit your needs and that you are not exceeding the power capacity of each line. Surge protectors are required of all vendors requesting electricity. Furthermore, the vendor is responsible for providing the surge protector as well as any extension cords needed. Generators are not permitted. If your stand requires direct wiring into a panel, specify required voltage and maximum amps needed to power all of your equipment. If you need more than 30 amps on a 220-volt line, request two 220-volt lines and state amps needed. You must also list all items you wish to plug into each line. Attach additonal pages, if necessary. No Soliciations

Payment Summary:
Quantity of 12' x 12' spaces _______ @ $60 each = $___________ total
Overall are to be used ______ feet wide (frontage) by _____ deep

Electrical Requirements:
Number of 110 volt lines (20 amp max per line) requested ______
Number of 220 volt lines (30 amp max per line) requested ______
Total number of lines requested _______@ $35 each = $_________ total

Space Rental $_______
Electricity $_________
Total Due $________
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